Nordic Power in the X Factor UK

This year’s X Factor UK has some Nordic fairy dust sprinkled on top in the form of none other than the Finnish diva Saara Aalto.

Aalto has with her incredibly powerful voice been praised, but has unfortunately struggled in the competition. First, she was eliminated in the 6 Chair Challenge but was chosen as a wild card and later made it to the live shows. She ended up in the bottom two the first two weeks but this Saturday saw a different turnout as she got through to next week’s show straight away. This was thanks to an eccentric performance of Icelandic artist Björk’s ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ complete with some amazing costumes. Saara received a standing ovation from the judges.

All of her acts have gone viral, at least in comparison to those of the other contestants. See for instance last week’s performance that currently has over 1.6 million views, with the others lagging behind with merely 2-300 thousand views. It is evident that Saara’s incredible vocals and unique character will take her far in the competition, and (as obvious as it may be) we at Nordic Style Magazine are rooting for her.


What do you think of the Finnish diva’s performance on the X Factor?

Featured image: X Factor UK / Youtube