Ann-Sofie Back Spring 17

The Swedish designer Ann-Sofie Back is one of many talented Scandinavian designers, her brand BACK has taken the Nordic and the international market by storm and we’re not surprised. Ann-Sofie Back can’t stop amaze us with her comfortable yet stylish collections  that show the world the powerful and playful Scandinavian women in a different light every season. And the spring 17 collection is no different.

This collection is inspired by her previous collections especially the fall 2005 lineup wich was a huge hit, you’ll definitely notice it if  you’ve been paying attention over the years. Getting inspired by previous collections and work is something many designers do today, “in order to look forward you have to look back“, and we agree. Take a closer look at the current fashion trends and you’ll see the 90’s, 80’s and even the 50’s all over the runways.

Now back to BACK’s Spring 17 collection… Wild western mixed with sporty yet very wearable is the best way to describe this collection. High waisted pants, skirts, and hoodies are the perfect mix for spring, do I need to mention the amazing coats and dresses? And please don’t get me started on the statement leather jacket in the collection. I mean what’s a spring collection without a leather jacket? Okay, enough talking we’ll just show you our favorite pieces from the collection and you’ll judge for yourself . WARNING ! You’re going to fall in love!

Images: Vogue runway/Anders Edström