6 Nordic Vegan Skincare Brands You Need to Know About

Organic, vegan, and neutral skincare products are very popular in Scandinavia and there is an explanation to why we’re so obsessed with this type of skincare. Number one, we only want products with great quality. Number two, we love anything minimalistic and simple yet we appreciate luxury looking packaging. These Scandinavian brands are offering just that and that’s why we and the rest of the world are obsessed with them.


True Organic of Sweden (Sweden) 

The Swedish brand True Organic of Sweden is an organic skincare brand that uses high-quality ingredients in all their products. They believe that “What you put on your skin will eventually wind up in your bloodstream”, they also want to make skincare products with few ingredients that still achieve great results. What’s amazing about this brand is that instead of plastic for their packaging, they use sugarcane.

You may also know this brand for their bestseller and award-winning “All you Need is Me” cream. This cream is a great replacement for the famous “Eight Hour Cream” by Estee Lauder, because honestly, the name really explains it… All you need is this cream.



skyiceland3Skyn Iceland (Iceland)

Are you stressed out? Did you know that stress causes sagging skin, loss of elasticity, clogged pores, and blemishes? Skyn Iceland is specially designed to stress-relief and detox the skin. Inspired by the natural resources in Iceland and they use 100% natural ingredients rich in antioxidants, moss, soothing algaes, and minerals bringing back the balance to the skin to leave you with a glowing distressed skin.

miahoyto1Mia Höytö  (Finland)

Inspired by the Finnish nature and with Finnish ingredients this bad boy is loaded with vitamins, minerals and oat extract to boost collagen, protect the cells and nourish the skin. To guarantee the best quality Mia Höytö design and manufacture her products in Finland and of course, every product is 100% vegan. Now we can agree that the products are amazing, but let’s not forget about the packaging… the minimalistic and elegant design will give any bathroom a Nordic luxury touch.

sprekenhusAlexander Sprekenhus (Norway)

This hand-made product is created by the former Norwegian model Alexander Sprekenhus. The brand’s focus is to create haircare, skin and body care products in the best quality possible with all natural and plant-based ingredients. Their products also contain oils from Morocco and all the products are infused with argan oil (don’t need to tell you how good argan oil is), vitamin E and natural antioxidants which are great for anti-aging.

rudolphcare2Rudolph Care (Denmark)

A luxury brand with only natural ingredients? Yes, it exists and it’s called Rudolph Care. The Danish eco-certified skincare brand was founded in 2009 and is still going strong. With ingredients like acai berries (revitalize and renew the skin), olive oil (anti-inflammatory and calming effect), jojoba oil (strengthens the skin’s natural elasticity) and coconut oil (balances dry and sensitive skin) we can’t help but love it. This is how Rudolph Care describes themselves: “Rudolph is a skincare collection for those who wish to pamper their skin with a clean conscience –and without compromising on luxury and effectiveness.”

estellethildEstelle & Thild (Sweden)

The Swedish Eco-certified brand founded by Pernilla Rönnberg is not only huge in the Nordic countries but also worldwide. “A typical morning routine can contain over 200 chemicals, Pernilla says and that’s what Estelle & Thild is working against, bringing only pure natural ingredients and exclusive raw materials. The product range is large and there is something for any skin concern, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

Featured Image: Pinterest