The Top 10 Best Dressed Nordic Bloggers

It is without a doubt a known fact that there exists a vast amount of bloggers here in the Nordic countries. We thought it was time that we sought out our favourites, the ones who we think have the style and flair that truly do stand out from the rest.

1. Mika Kailes (Finland)
Mika is a Finnish born blogger and model currently living in Scotland. His style is dreamy, imaginative and fresh.

mikaImage courtesy: Mika Kailes

2. Lotte Skovgaard Nielsen (Denmark)
Lotte’s blog The Style Cavalry showcases her passion for design and fashion, revealing lots of inspiring content.


Image courtesy: The Style Cavalry

3.  Fanney Ingvarsdóttir (Iceland)
Crowned Miss Iceland in 2010, Fanney continues to present her style and inspirations through her blog. We’re loving her sleek outfits!
fanneyImage courtesy: Fanney Ingvars

4. Julian Hernandez (Sweden)
Recently coming in at number 15 on the 50 Best Dressed Men in Sweden list by Cafe Magazine, it’s no wonder Julian is also on our list. His look is elegant, on trend and creative.
julianImage courtesy: Julian Hernandez

5. Frida Vega Salomonsson (Sweden)
Frida is a Swedish blogger and a freelance photographer, her style is edgy, chic and embodies Scandi cool.
fridaImage courtesy: Vagabond

6. Juliana Chow (Denmark)
Juliana is a vibrant fashion and lifestyle blogger who lives in Copenhagen. Her style is classic, bright and eye catching.


Image Courtesy: Lookbook

7. Tobias Sikström (Sweden)
Tobias is a blogger at King Magazine, his style is simple, classic yet has an undertone of edge to it.

tobiasImage courtesy: Tobias Sikström

8. Marie Hindkær Wolthers (Denmark)
Marie is a Danish blogger, her style is smart casual made edgy with her Scandi cool flair. She teams her outfit posts with sophisticated lifestyle posts which we think are great inspo.

Image courtesy:

9. Fredrik Risvik (Norway)
Fredrik’s style is neat, minimalist and effortlessly Nordic. His blog consists of style advice, style maintenance advice and lifestyle posts.
fredrikImage courtesy: Fredrik Risvik

10. Chrystelle Eriksberger (Sweden)
Chrystelle has a very versatile style – casual, sophisticated, sporty and the list goes on but either way she just knows how to do it right.


Image courtesy: Chrystelle Eriksberger

After much research, careful selection and hard negotiation our international team managed to assemble this unique list of stylish Nordic bloggers.

Featured image courtesy of Pinterest