FWSthlm – The Swedish School of Textiles

The Swedish School of Textile presented the collections by 15 of its students for our delight during Fashion Week Stockholm.

The students came up with collections that ranged from beautiful color messes and mashes to more laid back attires that are ‘oh so ready to be bought’. The importance of this show comes not from the quantity but the quality and hard work that the students have put in these collections.

The bright colors, over-sized shapes and conceptual garments came in great variety, we loved them all but the ones that stood out more were Julia Ragnarsson with her amazing print pieces (which we could argue are a great socio-visual essay on celebrity culture) and of the Lindex winner, Evelin Kägo with her bright colors and prints and use of different materials.

Which are your favorites? Here are some of our faves, great job and congratulations to all the presenting students. 

Julia Ragnarsson


Evelin Kägo


More Amazing Looks

FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-20FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-25 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-21 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-22 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-23 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-24 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-19 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-17 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-18 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-16 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-15
FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-1 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-8 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-7 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-10 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-2 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-11 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-4 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-12 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-5 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-13 FWSthlm---The-Swedish-School-of-Textiles-6


Photos Courtesy of FashionWeek.se