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Swedish Fashion Talents is always exciting since it is the perfect showcase of what’s next; what brands to watch and what type of designs to wear. It is liberating to see completely different aesthetics at the same time, in the same venue and it’s refreshing to see how some ignore preset boundaries. This was the second time for these designers to present their collections during Fashion Week in Stockholm.

Last time I wasn’t convinced by LAZOSCHMIDL but I truly believed and hoped that I would be certain after their second presentation. I encourage anything that breaks or challenges societal norms, that ignores gender structures where feminine is equivalent to wearing dresses, male is suits or button-up shirts and non-binary is odd and controversial. Yet again here I am, unconvinced. It didn’t really matter how hard I tried. However, I have to admit to myself that I don’t love it. It’s definitely alright, and I think a lot of people would look really cool wearing some of their designs. But it’s just not my type of fashion. I don’t like, regardless of gender identity, crazy low-waisted pants and tight fabrics that don’t breathe.


EA4TH and my friend Acky. He is just, oh gosh. I don’t really know what to say. I loved everything about what he presented this season. Pinstriped sets, pants and jackets. I’ve actually been looking for pinstriped clothing and matching sets for a long time but nothing has had that little extra something that I didn’t know myself what it was. Until now: color blocks. I know exactly what I want now. I know exactly that it will fit. I know the quality. This collection was a perfect development of the EA4th aesthetic.


F.A.S is another incredible brand that features garments that I crave to wear. I know you shouldn’t compare brands but this is the perfect mix between Our Legacy, L’Homme Rouge and Whyred (AW14).
If I ever become insanely famous, I’m talking five times as famous as the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan combined, I would want F.A.S to dress me every day, when I’m fleeing the paparazzi in New York, out shopping with friends in Dubai or running between meetings in London. Ah yes. Lovely.


Now, Swedish Fashion Talents is a competition. In previous years we’ve seen brands like House of Dagmar, Carin Wester, Ida Sjöstedt and Castor Pollux fight for the honor. This year the winner was Louise Körner – a designer that I, to be honest didn’t even consider. The collection named Digital Decay, plays on the contrast between the physical, human world and the digital sphere. A reflecting, organic glass cube, in different scales, computerised and distorted is the foundation for the prints.

louise kTo see photos from the other designers and read more about each brand click here.

Photos: Fashionweek.se

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