FWSthlm – L’Homme Rouge AW16 and SS17

Here we go. L’Homme Rouge crushed any possible competition during the final day of Fashion Week in Stockholm. There is absolutely no doubt about it.

At first, I didn’t see the spring/summer elements of the collection. Coats, leather jackets and dressy pants are more fall/winter pieces. However, it struck me that I don’t live in a tropical climate, and that it actually had the perfect garments for the often cold, ambivalent Scandinavian summer. Later on, I realized that they presented two collections, which was probably obvious from the start or if I had done my research but I was too busy sipping a whiskey cocktail.

In the first part of the show they presented their autumn/winter collection named “Blind Dimensions”, where they play with the abstract perceptions of the blind. Following that came the spring/summer collection for next year, named “The Garden Group”, inspired by a strong fictitious group that had an urban break-out during the green wave in the 70s. Both collections have matte colour palettes, where black is their core accompanied by white, gentle beige, blue and green.

L’Homme Rouge, meaning the red man, started as an undefined project but has developed to become a reminder to live life to the fullest. They successfully challenge conventional and conservative menswear norms through poetic expressions and present a blurred line between fashion and art. The garments are cool, relaxed and minimalistically complex with an aesthetic that is contemporary futuristic.

MNO_0054-2 MNO_0081-2 MNO_0182-1 MNO_0223-1 MNO_0251 MNO_0311 MNO_0349 MNO_0406-1 MNO_0434-1 MNO_0467 MNO_0499 MNO_0559

Photos: Fashionweek.se