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Amaze. A creative fashion initiative about showing fashion in a different, more creative kind of way. Sara Forsberg och Nicole Walker are the two people behind this seasons Amaze, the 4th one taking place in Stockholm.

‘To think outside the norm, develop creative ideas and to raise awareness of new designers in Stockholm’ is the thought behind the initiative. Forsberg and Walker says in an interview with Bon that the goal is to get mainstream. Amaze invited various artists and designers who are questioning the norms in society. They explain in the same interview that they want to show that fashion can be fun and at the time also operating against the kind of commercialism that is dominating the fashion industry.

This was a very interesting element during Fashion Week’s more conventional and established shows. The event was truly creative and reflected our society in different ways, both about elitism, norms and about the fear of doing something different. The way commercialism sets the structures within the fashion industry is quite palpable during Fashion Week. So this initiate was a necessary eye-opener. That’s why it was even greater that Amaze took place during Fashion Week, and not just as an event some other time.

The event included works by; Alva Ilta Johansson, Barbara Klawitter, Lukas Hofmann, Nico Arauner, Patrik Söderstam, Sanna Helena Berger, Yulia Kjellson.

The photos below are from one of the art performances, called ‘Big Bag’ created by Lukas Hofmann/Saliva, Nico Arauner and Barbara Klawitter.

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Photos by Hanna Bergström

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