An It-Girls Guide to Stockholm

Where do the fashion people hang out on the most popular destinations? Where should one enjoy art, eat, drink and shop? In May this year Gina Tricot launched the project ”Guided by Style” together with their official travel partner ”Guided by Style” is a unique city guide – over the most popular travel destinations – by influential people in the fashion scene.

The city guide has now added Stockholm to their list of popular cities to visit. So, if you’re planning on going to Stockholm – or if you already live in Stockholm, you should definitely check this out. This time around supermodel Frida Gustavsson, actress Cissi Fors, stylist Sara Biederman and Editor-in-Chief Josefin Dahlberg show us their favourite spots in the city.

If you have plans to visit Ibiza, Cote d’azur, Berlin, Paris or London there are guides from there as well – and a little bird whispered that there might be one from New York coming up.

Since I’m in Stockholm I’m going to follow Frida Gustavssons advice and head to Bio Rio tonight!

Which city and place would you add to the guide?


Picture: Gina Tricot &