Sakura – A Conscious Brand to Keep an Eye On

Sakura is the accessory brand you want to know about this autumn. They create colorful silk headpieces and scarves with beautiful prints that, in a modern way, touches the 70’s era.
Amanda Broberg, who is the designer behind the brand tells me that she finds women these days being more and more personal in their style. Something she, with her silk pieces, wants to be a contributor of.
– As long as there’s a personal message, you can wear anything and look amazing, she says, and I couldn’t agree more.

Headband, green, white, cream, copper.
The history of silk scarves and headpieces go way back and many big brands have, during the years, integrated exclusive silk accessories in their collections. Amanda started the brand Sakura back in 2014, during her first year of studying textile design in Copenhagen. Even though she loved to be in school she felt that nothing could give her as much knowledge about the industry as being part of it herself.
I had a need from the beginning of my university experience to do something out in the real world, so I could learn to work with printers, manufactures and buyers, she says.

Amanda’s interest in learning more about the fashion industry has given her an insight within the business that has shown sides of being both environmentally harmful and having bad working conditions. With a conscious mind she puts much effort in doing what she can to make the industry better. All products from Sakura are made in Europe and the printing process goes under EU regulations. She is well aware that a small brand like Sakura can’t change the whole industry, but by keeping the bad sides of the industry close in mind when producing her products she’s doing what she can, both for the environment and better working conditions.
I do believe that customers are much more aware of how they consume and will chose smaller brands with a more transparent code of conduct. And that helps the industry too, she says.

Scarf with dots
Amanda has specialized in the field of textile prints and pattern making. Even if the silk pieces she’s designing can be seen as art, Amanda herself finds making a great product – that can be used over and over again – much more important than making art. Although she agrees, that while designing and making patterns, those fields cross each other from time to time.

Sakura headpiece autumn

Why silk scarves and hairbands?
– Silk scarves and hairbands are such classic accessories. They are free items – any designer can contribute with their interpretation of these classic pieces. Silk is my favorite material, in that way I’m very old school. It was obvious that I would start my business working with silk products. To me, printed silk is the most beautiful thing and scarves and headpieces are so well suited for just that, she says.

I also see how easy these kinds of products are to use by many different women, she continues. Which makes me very happy and gives me a feeling that I did my job well. We all know how to use a hairband or a scarf. Wearing a scarf has nothing with size or shape of body to do. Everybody can pull it off and in that way we also become equal, which I really like.

Sakura scarf

Amanda also launched a swimwear collection, under the brand Sakura, in July this year. Visit her web store by clicking here.

Sakura is the word for cherry blossom in Japanese.

Photos: Sakura