MUDAHULA | Wood, leather and seal skin

The Greenlander Anders Zeeb studied carpentry in Denmark and for years he has designed furniture and home accessories. He runs the company MUDAHULA as well as his own furniture shop in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. The furniture shops name? MUDAHULA. Zeeb’s designs are made for example of wood, leather and seal skin. His goal is to sell some of his design abroad.

Anders Zeeb was born in a little town in Greenland called Uummannaq, which is located on an island about 500 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, but grew up in the town Ilulissat which is approximately 350 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.

While growing up, Zeeb experienced the magic of Greenland, the least densely populated country in the world: The amazing nature, the dance of the northern lights during winter and the endlessly shining midnight sun during summer. Greenland is the country of the polar bear, the reindeer and the snowshoe hare. Greenland is a country where you can boost your imagination. That is what has happened in Zeeb’s case although he says that his inspiration also comes from love, music, his girlfriend, shapes and colors.

Classic to modern

“I started MUDAHULA in 2011,” Zeeb says, “and I design and produce for example tables, chairs, cabinets, knifes and cuttingboards.”

What about the style? “Classic to modern design and I keep it simple.” When mentioning classic influences one can see the form of the ancient Inuit Eskimo knife in some of MUDAHULA’s chairs.

His girlfriend inspires him. “I will give her all the credit for MUDAHULA for all the support she gave and still gives regarding who I am today.”

The wood Zeeb uses is special – some of the wooden furniture is almost like from another world. Zeeb uses FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) wood; the organization was established to promote responisble management of the world’s forests.

“I want to export MUDAHULA and put Greenland on the map in terms of furniture design. My goal is to sell at least my ULU APU and ULU NAYA chairs to Italy, Germany and Iceland as these are my gates for international export.”

Yes, Zeeb was born and grew up a few hundred kilometres north of the Arctic Circle and lives in the least densely populated country in the world. Exactly that country, Greenland, is full of opportunities even though it sometimes seems tough to let the flower bloom. You just have to wait and when it happens you’ll see the smallest and most beautiful flower. It will be like the sunflower that follows the the endlessly shining midnight sun. That’s what Zeeb is waiting for. That’s his goal.




What do you do? You take a traditional woman’s knife and bend it, and what do you have? A chair.



Photography by Jørgen Chemnitz

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