Joel Kinnaman: “If Trump wins I move back to Sweden”

Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman is internationally known for his roles in ‘The Killing’, ‘Robocop’, and ‘Suicide Squad’, which premieres on August 5. Kinnaman moved permanently to the US a couple of years ago, and his career has blossomed ever since.  However, it seems as if we might get our Swedish superstar back sooner than expected. In an interview with King Magazine he said that if Donald Trump wins the presidential election this November, he and his wife Cleo Wattenström will pack their bags and move back to Sweden. For the time being though, he will remain in his 34 million SEK (approximately $4.1 million) L.A mansion and tour promoting his latest film, this summer’s blockbuster Suicide Squad.

When interviewed by Conan O’Brien with his fellow cast mates about two weeks ago he told a rather funny story about what started out as a prank set out by Will Smith but became a deeply “erotic spa treatment”. Watch the full segment below.

Photo: Screenshot/Youtube