Going To Berlin

Hi there,

How’s it hanging? Cool, with me? Well.. I just booked tickets to Berlin! (!!!!) The excitement is real. I’m flying over next Monday and I’ve never visited any part of Germany before, unless you count hours of layover when flying to/from New York and to Mexico and from the Dominican Republic (yes, I’m bragging about my globetrotter lifestyle). Anyway, neither has my travel partner Ellen, so if you have any tips whatsoever – hit us up in the comment section below or on my Instagram.

By the way, can someone tell me why the color of my skin in this picture clashes with the color of the wall behind me? Maybe it’s just me, or because of my color blindness… Yes, it’s true. I have incredible issues with colors, mostly red/green/brown and blue/purple.

The pique polo comes from my favorite brand Asket.