FWSthlm – Ida Sjöstedt SS17

Ida Sjöstedt is famous for her recurrent lace dresses and dreamy princess designs that has graced many famous faces through Scandinavia. The expectations for her show was as usual high.

In a crowded Berns in Stockholm Ida Sjöstedt had a beautiful setting while managed to attract the most important people from the Scandinavian fashion scene. When the models came out on the runway we could enjoy a design that had a cheerful touch to it, while music sounding like enigma/pop gave a powerful effect to the show.

The colors were popping throughout the collection – aside from the classic white lace sets and dresses. For her upcoming season we can enjoy a feminine vibe with a glaze of glittery, shiny materials and flirtatious design. The only question is, haven’t we seen this before?

There was no doubt she had taken on the early 80’s trend with big, heart shaped, golden earrings and prints imaging roses and lipsticks. A throughout fun collection that was screaming love and happiness.

As you will see from the images below she is holding on to her – signature – romantic gown design. Even though, this time around, the plastic coats and skirts were the ones standing out.

When it comes to beauty we could see hippie inspired hairdos with butterflies, big waves and small braids. The makeup focus laid on the eyes with thick, black eyeliner and lashes.

closing dress shiny body Plastic coat Team Ida see through skirt off shoulder dress plastic skirt lace dress
Photo Courtesy: Fashionweek.se