Friday Fever: Aurora is Charming the U.S.

The Norwegian singer Aurora is quickly gaining fame internationally! She has been favorited by Vogue, and has performed on some of the biggest talk shows in the U.S. 

Aurora Aksnes was discovered after one of her friends uploaded a video of her performing to a music streaming site. It was soon after found by Made Management and she got a record deal. Since then, she has released a handful of singles before releasing her debut album “All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend,” this March.

Vogue recently called Aurora an it girl to watch after watching/interviewing her at Panorama Festival. They loved her porcelain skin and unique buzz cut “Norwegian viking” bob. W Magazine also conducted an interview with Aurora and they dubbed her as “the mythical lovechild of Björk and Grimes”.

Aurora also has caught the attention of the radio star Howard Stern, whom praised her on Twitter following her performance on his show. She has also preformed on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and at Conan O’Brain; some of the most watched talk shows in the U.S.

Last week the 20 year old performed live on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. She sang the strong, emotional ballad “I Went Too Far”. Colbert took over the show from the legendary David Letterman last year and averages 2.9 million viewers per night.

After Colbert, Aurora went on to preform at Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago before traveling back to Norway to preform at festivals and concerts for the rest of the summer.

Check out Aurora’s live performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: