Fashion forward?

It’s evident that those growing up during the 90’s must be having proper deja vu at the moment. Today’s fashion seems to jump between past decades as a model between runway shows during fashion week. The saying is “fashion forward” but are we not glancing more back than forward when “new” trends are created? Not long ago we couldn’t get enough of the flared 70’s (still not over it) but from there, we have now steadily time traveled 20 years ahead into the 1990’s.

A quick google search of “fashion from the 90’s” and your first thought may well be something along the lines of “let’s just leave the past in the past” or “not everything was better before.” But when the first skepticisms have settled you can see that the trendsetters of the 90’s actually came up with some interesting silhouettes worth investigating.

(Ps. Keep your eyes open for 90’s/70’s clashes! Polos styled with spaghetti strap tops, denim mini-skirts combined with lace-up V-neck are just some examples).

The choker


Straight cropped (mom) jeans


The singlet-top layering


Photo: Fanny Lyckman, Our own Jana NguyenovaLucy Williams

Probably one of the most eye-catching silhouettes from the 90’s must be the combo of the thin strapped dress on top of a T-shirt. As with many trends you can be a bit skeptical at first but give it a second look and let your style radar recalibrate. It’s really quite a fun way to put together an outfit. It lets us expand the art of layering not only to the heavier autumn wardrobes but to summer and spring as well.

Milan-Fashion-Week-via-Tommy-TonPic credit: Tommy Ton

Stuff She Likes-6081Photo credit: Taye Hansberry

strappyPhoto credit:


Photo:Fashion Tag,  Vogue (Calvin Klein SS 1994)

main.original.640x0c-2Photo credit: We wore what


Our own Social Media Manager Siri Von Bothmerstrapped2-723x1024Photo credit: Trendsylvania

It’s also a versatile way of styling. Playing with the colors and materials, you can create contrast to emphasize your personal style. Regardless of whether or not you prefer a more dressed, posh look or a more relaxed, sporty take on it. Remember, don’t get stuck on just the spaghetti strap model! Create you own twist on the trend by layering shirts with off-shoulder blouses or tops with polo shirts for example. Go nuts!


Photo credit: Cecilie Krog




Photo credit: Lisa Olsson

Collecting inspiration from a former decade and understanding how they used certain garments in a certain way can be a good way to reinvent some of your outfits and get the most out of your wardrobe. So we can use  the 90’s silhouettes as templates and by filling them with today’s quality and fashion, you have yourself a recipe for some quite inspiring outfits.

And as mentioned earlier, why just stick to one decade at the time? Stick your nose out of the windows and look carefully. I’ll bet you will see looks and details from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 90’s swooshing by.