CPHFW – House of Dagmar SS17

House of Dagmar is one of the Swedish favorites when it comes to fashion week. This year, our Danish fashion week team had the pleasure of experiencing the show live for the first time, since the brand chose to show their SS17 collection in Denmark instead of their home base Stockholm, Sweden. The brand already has a dedicated audience in Sweden, in most of Europe, the United States and Asia but not yet so wide spread in the hearts of their Danish neighbors. This is something they hoped to change with this collection.

The creators behind House of Dagmar are the three sisters, Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam. All of them have notable careers within the Swedish and international fashion industry. Their grandmother, Dagmar was their muse and source of  inspiration for the label that was created year 2005.


Photo: Scandinavian Design Talks

From left to right: Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam.

They describe their design as unconventional and sophisticated, with a lot of value in tailoring and material choice as well as a feminine sensuality which adds a uniqueness to each garment. The importance of material quality and craftsmanship are once again aspects which they inherited from their grandmother who herself was a tailor and from a young age yielded the sisters’ interest into her craft.

This season, House of Dagmar presented a collection true to their core values, while presenting a well worked show with playful contrasts created by different materials as well as a wide range of beautiful silhouettes that emphasized femininity in a strong, robust  non-mannered/posed way. One of the favorite material combinations was the chunky, heavy knitted sleeves paired with a white minimalist jersey dress/top.

The colors were earthy with elements of orange, navy blue and green khaki. The collection feels inspired by the ambiguous weather, which is rather typical for the Swedish summer – meaning, you never know when a search party in the attic is necessary in order to find your winter jacket. So although it’s a summer/spring collection the heavy looks with layering and knits as a reappearing theme is quite accurate.

The collection is called “Imagine-Reimagine” and maybe the reimagine part can be angled towards the way we look at genders. When looking at the Swedish Dagmar girl SS17 I don’t see a dame in distress although skirts and dresses are a main part of the collection. I see a well adapted, capable woman that will and can accomplish anything she wants.






Favorite look






Photo courtesy of: Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016