Backstage at CPHFW: Freya Dalsjø

“Freya says that her vision for her design is to challenge the boundaries of material; the body and aesthetics. As a designer she aims to challenge these physical constraints and social constructs. This we feel that she nailed with her SS17 show yesterday. She provoked the boundaries between male and female along with the norms of old and new, fancy and butch.”
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Freya_ Dalsjø_Inez_Dawczyk-15 Freya_ Dalsjø_Inez_Dawczyk-14 Freya_ Dalsjø_Inez_Dawczyk-12 Freya_ Dalsjø_Inez_Dawczyk-10 Freya_ Dalsjø_Inez_Dawczyk-9 Freya_ Dalsjø_Inez_Dawczyk-8 Freya_ Dalsjø_Inez_Dawczyk-7 Freya_ Dalsjø_Inez_Dawczyk-6 Freya_ Dalsjø_Inez_Dawczyk-5 Freya_ Dalsjø_Inez_Dawczyk-4 Freya_ Dalsjø_Inez_Dawczyk-3 Freya_ Dalsjø_Inez_Dawczyk-2

Photographer: Inez Dawczyk @inez_dawczyk_photography