A New Video

Yes! You read it. It’s time for a new video.

This is my first video with the drone that I might have, maybe (accidentally) bought a few months ago. I was the kind of kid who never got one of those radio controlled cars, but aaaalways wanted one. So I guess this is for my 10-year-old self. You’re welcome. Thank you! Now, back to buzznyzz. I love linen in general but to combine it with other types of linen, to match the texture of the fabric with different thicknesses and beige shades is really cool. Plus, denim on denim, so last year.

We really caught the sunset here with our camera and drone, and I am really satisfied. I enjoyed editing this as well and the song, ouufff so good.

This was shot with the help of my friend Hampus and “styled”/edited/directed by me.

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I hope you enjoy this little video. See you soon!