Zara Larsson’s New Music Video

It almost gets tiring to constantly write hysterical, crazy positive things about Zara Larsson. But it’s just inevitable. It’s as simple as that.

So excuse my French, but damn girl. Larsson’s new “Lush Life” music video is incredibly professional and the perfect visual for the song. It’s colorful and playful, combined with jaw-dropping confidence making it clear that the Swedish singer has some serious dancing skills too.

A little bit confusing though, is that this is actually the third (?!) music video to the same song. There’s one that was released on June 5th last year, and then another one which is pretty similar on July 1st. The latter of which, probably viewable for the entire world has a staggering 275,902,428 views. I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong. This summery tune is good enough to last forever and if it were up to me, a new music video would pop up once a year or so.

“Lush Life” is the first single from Zara Larsson’s upcoming album, which is expected to drop in September this year.

Photo: Youtube

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