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We may have our differences but we can unite on one thing: you have been or will be working in an office environment . Even if you’re a freelancer, you will inevitably have to pop into someone else’s office for a quick business meeting at some point.

Office spaces are an integral part of adult life, and we can all agree that office design is a crucial element of our wellbeing at work. Your job matters. Your co-workers matter. So maybe it’s time to stop ignoring your office design?

We have decided to look into inspiring offices across Scandinavia to prove that you can, and you should work in style. We peeked into the office of Copenhagen International Centre for Creative last time, and today we’re going to snoop around Aquaporin’s Copenhagen HQ.

Aquaporin is a global cleantech company working with revolutionary water purification techniques to make this world a cleaner and better place. Their Copenhagen office is located in an old industrial building that sat empty for more than 10 years slowly becoming nothing more than an eyesore. It was revamped by a multidisciplinary design studio Norm Architects who split the space into smaller zones for both research and business operations.

Minimalistic boxy structures break up a vast open-plan industrial space and make a clear statement – this project is all about juxtaposing old and new, clean and rough, and trying to make the contrast bring out the best in each other. Distressed walls and exposed ductwork create a perfect backdrop for modern boxes. The contrast becomes even more evident when you notice that doors and windows in the boxes are without any frames.

This multifunctional workplace has a lab and an office with meeting facilities, cozy canteen, and spacious reception. Aquaporin stressed the importance of cross-department collaboration so Norm Architects ensured to create a sense of coherence and openness to encourage it. All areas share a similar color palette which gives the lab and the office visual continuity.

When there’s oodles of space to work with there’s a temptation to oversimplify or overcomplicate things. Norm Architects designed the space in a way that a sense of human scale wasn’t lost. They brought in constructions that we can measure ourselves against (most boxes are around 350 cm in height), enabling us to relate to a space better.











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