Ruby Studio Shows How It’s Done

Last week we snooped around an impressive industrial-meets-minimal Aquaporin office in Copenhagen. It would be easy to think that office design is this narrow. There’s a certain set of adjectives, that have been pushed for a few years in the context of office design. Open-plan, spacious, inspiring – they have come to define what we expect from offices. It’s not entirely nonsense, but the truth is that there’s much more going on. Today we’re taking a different approach and peeking into a cozy apartment-office in central Copenhagen.


This small office is a home for a web agency, Ruby Studio. As any proud home owner would do they took initiative and designed it themselves with a little help from a famous Danish blogger and style influencer Funda Christophersen (side note: click here to take a sneak peek into her equally impressive Copenhagen home).

A compact 430 sq. ft. well-lit apartment is covered in hardwood planks giving the office an instant scandi-touch. It’s furnished with black marble desks, a large glass conference table, a set of Wishbone chairs by Hans J. Wegner (produced and distributed by Carl Hansen) and a punchy iron cabinet. To jazz it up even more and give it a homey feel, the space is accessorized with plants and palms, Danish design classics, books and brass details. The mix of future-proof furniture and stylish accessories gives this office an amazing vibe I was helpless to resist.









Photo By: Nicolai Mørk / KAM Photographers