Morning Coffee + My Friday

Good morning!

Okay, I can admit that it’s no longer morning when I post this. And depending on who you ask 11:35, when the picture above was taken, may or may not be in the morning. To me it was morning-ish.

I got up at 9 today, and had an omelette for breakfast. Then I took a long walk around town, listening to one of my favorite podcasts, the one by Zara Larsson. Unfortunately for many of you it’s in Swedish but believe me when I tell you how I am amazed I am by how smart, well-read and eloquent she is. I think a lot of people could learn a thing or two from her and her values.

After my walk I had a cup of coffee and worked for a while, which is the setup you see here. Why is it that working gets so much easier and more fun when you’re at a stylish location (a.k.a. my home).

Then, in the midst of preparing gorgeous editorials for Nordic Style, my friend Chris called and summoned me (hehe). It was time for ice cream – yum. I have the absolute best ice cream place just across the street so if you’re ever in Uppsala in summer time, be sure to pay a visit to Lavanda Glass & Café. I had strawberry cheesecake and snickers, and Chris had prosecco and lemon sorbet.

collage jonviker

Also, I can admit that I’ve been distant on all my social media lately, but I’m back with full force so be sure to check out my Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, all at jonviker.