Friday Fever: Tuuletar

Vocal folk hop is a new genre which has been progressed by the Finnish band Tuuletar. With a unique vocal sound, the group draws a strong inspiration from Finnish heritage and culture; the band’s name stems from the “Goddess of the Wind” in Finnish mythology.

Tuuletar was formed is 2013 and consists of four unique women that met while studying together at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Their new approach to pop music stems from a passion for the Finnish language and musical heritage. They use their voices and hands as instruments making ethereal music a reminiscence of the stylings of Enya. Their sound is a very unique one, composed of a capella signing, beat-boxing, and humming. The band has even been successful in various European vocal/music festivals, including one in Aarhus and one in Tampere.

The band recently released their debut albums “Tule Maas Vedes Taivaa!” (On Fire and Earth, In Water and Sky.) This comes after their first EP “Ahavana kulemme” in 2013 and a two track single “Kohma” in 2015. Tuuletar has also released tour dates for the next year including countries like Sweden, Germany, Finland, and Taiwan.

Check out their Gothenburg Sessions performance back in March: