Friday Fever: New Video from Peter, Bjorn and John

  “Left in the middle of nowhere, a forlorn human is up against his very own self-preservation”.

This is the idea behind the newest video from the famed Swedes Peter, Bjorn, and John who formed their indie pop/rock band back in 1999.

The song is called “Breakin’ Point” and draws imagery from Greek mythology. One of the central themes that the video takes inspiration from are the five rivers that surrounds Hades where there is a lost man who meets a ferryman who guides him to where he needs to go.

The people behind the video are Danish-Norwegian directing duo HochR, whom have also worked with Elliot Moss with his video for Pattern Repeating which received praise at SXSW Festival.

The video was filmed in various locations in Poland which required a 3 day trip around the country for the band and film crew. Seeing the nature, and the shots they were able to take for the film – it was definitely worth it.

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