Editorial – Tennis n’ Roses

Approximately 50 million people across the globe play tennis. And playing tennis, or any sport for that matter, can get you really sweaty and out of breath. One could argue that the purpose of the sport is to beat your opponent, however, there is more to sport than winning. Which is what Norwegian photographer Kamilla Musland wanted to portray in her editorial “Tennis n’ Roses”.
By adding roses she gave tennis another dimension, where it’s not merely about winning, but also about harmony. The rose is a symbol of a variety of powerful elements, and it’s no wonder. They are incredibly beautiful and spread an aroma equally heart-stopping. The rose is bound to stir up attention in human culture, and thus has ancient symbolic meanings throughout human history. Here, roses are put in a setting where you are not used to see them, resulting in contrasting peacefulness and sensual beauty.

tennis 4
tennis 9
tennis 6tennis 7

Photography: Kamilla Musland
Model: Céline Freixe
Styling: Marilyn Wang
Hair & MakeUp: Stephanie Lingoh