More Art, Less Decoration: Feathr Wallpaper

Crisp clean white walls, mid century furniture, light ash oak timber floor, a few cushions in pastel, contemporary artwork, a furry rug or two and there you have it – the perfect Scandinavian home. I’m not here to bash Scandinavian interiors as my fascination with it goes back to as far as my teenage years but in a world of domestic sameness, it’s exciting to discover a brand that refuses to be pigeonholed.

More Art, Less Decoration

I’ve met Oli from Feathr Wallpapers last year at Tent London and I was immediately impressed with the selection of wallpapers and their communication strategy. “More Art, Less Decoration”, he said flicking through a thick folder of the first batch of designs successfully launched back in January 2015. Finnish studio founded by a husband and wife duo Anne and Tom Puukko and a creative director Oli Green aim to create an aesthetic characterised by a bolder graphic quality than usually found in wallpaper design. They collaborate with artists that specialise in disciplines such as surfer design and body art which results in wallpapers with a wow factor. Feathr team has had a fair share of coverage in mainstream media already with Elle Decor calling it “Our new favourite wallpaper”.




On-Demand & Crowd-Sourced

With an impressive collection of artists already on board, the team use open sourcing and crowd curation to discover new talent. Competitions are held on a regular basis and visitors can vote for the design they want to see going into production.

Thant being said, there’s always a fear that designs submitted by the general public may not sell as well as designs created by established artists. Crowd curation may be a risky strategy but there’s a lot of very talented people out there and Feathr want to keep their doors open to them. Prime example of Scandinavian democracy, don’t you think?


What’s next?

Wallpaper is printed on large format digital printers onto 165-gramme non-woven paper, meaning it can be printed on-demand and is easy to hang. Feathr Wallpaper has offices in Helsinki, London and Bali and the venture is backed by Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. Now that the brand has reached some fame in interiors market, they’re looking to expand and experiment with other mediums such as rugs, fabrics, tiles and canvases so keep your eyes peeled for new projects.