A Tale of Midsummer Romance and Elegance

Thanks to Anni Ruuth and her “Slow Down” graduate collection, which by the way has the perfect amount of elegance and romance, we now have a fresh fashion treat to welcome Midsummer in style.

The collection by the Finnish designer and recent Lahti Institute of Design graduate is a very welcome addition to Finland’s fashion scene, which was lacking a little bit of romance and lots, and lots of pink!

The collection’s inspiration is the Finnish National bird, the Whooper Swan and the Swan Lake Ballet. Her collection is a salute to the Swan Queen Odette in every woman, and it is in her own words “soft like a feather and pink like the evening sun”. It is also based on research about the ethics of down material, approaching the subject in a soft and inviting method.

The collection’s main materials are handwoven silk, industrial leftover feathers and recycled down. It’s light materials indeed give it a ballet feeling, both elegant and as soft as the light in summer nights.

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I caught up with Anni Ruuth and got some insight on her collection and Nordic Design.

What is your inspiration when bringing a collection to life?
It’s all around: voices, people, history, dance, movies, nature, every living creature. I cannot say any specific things, because getting inspired is so comprehensive feeling.

Where do you fit in the Nordic world? What is your style defined by?
I think my style is not very Nordic if we talk about minimalism, pure lines and harmonic colors. I want to try everything new every time and keep on searching what kind of designer I want to be. In any case I know I want to keep on working with sustainable manners in clothing field and I will do my best for more conscious clothing designing in the future.

Where can we get your clothes?
At the moment I only do tailor made designing and of course I’m looking for exciting projects for the future.

What do you think makes Nordic Design so popular today?
I think good quality, dauntless and unforeseen designing are the main reasons and of course we consider a lot about sustainable aspects.

So here is an exclusive first look at her collection, are you ready for some pink? Let us know which one is your favorite!

Anni-Ruuth---Slow-Down-2 Anni-Ruuth---Slow-Down-3

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Anni-Ruuth---Slow-Down-4 Anni-Ruuth---Slow-Down-5 Anni-Ruuth---Slow-Down-6

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Anni-Ruuth---Slow-Down-7 Anni-Ruuth---Slow-Down-8 Anni-Ruuth---Slow-Down-9 Anni-Ruuth---Slow-Down-1

 Make-up :Iina Niemi
 Hair:Sini Hyttinen
 Shoes: Zio

 Models: Iris (Brand model agency), Kaisa (Modelboom model agency) and Roosa (Brand model agency)

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