Hildur Yeoman | Transcendence

Last Friday, June 3rd, was the opening of Icelandic fashion designer Hildur Yeoman‘s exhibition „Transcendence“ which lasted throughout the weekend during Reykjavík Arts Festival. The event was truly unique as Yeoman translated her concept through visual art, photography and fashion design; exploring a place that exists between the sleeping and waking state of the human mind.

She describes the place as “The home of hallucinations and nightmares, but also holds sweet dreams and tranquility. It is fascinating and is inclined both to seduce and become a desirable dwelling place.“

The exhibition was a visual journey through this mystical place where one could expect to experience both familiar and unfamilar things. It consisted of an art installation by Daníel Björnsson, photographs by Saga Sig, a film by Máni Sigfússon and performance art choreographed by Valgerður Rúnarsdóttir all tied together with Yeoman‘s own fashion designs.

“I wanted to combine different art forms to create a magical evening to translate the mood that the designs come from.”

The opening event was quite extraordinary as guests were transported to a place on the very boundaries of conciousness and unconciousness with the help of live music by Icelandic electronic band Samaris as they were led through the exhibition by a wave of performance art that ended with models dancing under the evening sun.

The clothes themselves translate Yeoman’s concept very well as they are both dark and dreamy, simultaneously rough and graceful, as they combine sharp features and delicate details.
















Hildur Yeoman amazed us all last year with her DesignMarch event, fashion show FLÓRA that was inspired by ancient Icelandic potion making, and she has done so again with Transcendence. She is truly an expert at creating and expressing a concept through art. There is no doubt that she‘ll continue to push the limits of fashion design and carry on expressing her unique vision to us.

Photos by Hörður Sveinsson

MakeUp by Fríða María with MAC Cosmetics
Hair by Theodora Mjöll with Davines

For more information about Hildur Yeoman’s designs visit www.hilduryeoman.com