Kuosit’s Helsinki Pride Collection

Pride is upon us and in the Nordics we love to celebrate in not so traditional ways. This year it was not a twitter storm from Sweden to Russia but a lovely Fashion Collection by Kuosit, an up and coming brand from Helsinki.

The ones in charge of this distinct honor is Kuosit, a fresh new brand from Finland with roots in diversity, unclusion and pure joy in the form of prints and colors. Kuosit comes from the minds of Ksenia Kheninen and Lyosha Maiorov who after connecting online decided to join their talents and start a brand by distance, Ksenia lives in Helsinki and Lyosha in St. Petersburg, Russia.


I caught up with them and this is what they had to say about the collection they created and will gladly donate to charity in a silent auction in the Microsoft Flux in downtown Helsinki.

“What i can tell is that we want to make clothing that would not intimidate people. People who are feeling imperfect, people who think that fashion is not made for them.

Fashion doesn’t belong to the designers and selected group of people. We all express ourselves trough fashion everyday, clothing and the rules of fashion should not tell us what to wear.

We are boys, girls, unicorns, fluffy clouds and creepy creatures and this is awesome, this should be celebrated.

We made this collection to celebrate diversity not just in sex, gender, or nationality but diversity in personalities, souls and bodies.

We want people to be inspired to create. We want people to make something of their own and if our design helps them, if it inspires them, if it makes them stronger then we have succeeded.

We don’t want to make things, we want people to have the magic artifacts we have made. We were happy creating this collection. There things are coming from a happy place so they could make people happy and since we are donating the money to charity we expect this happiness to reach many more people.”


It is such a pleasure to find a designers that not only love what they do, but also share it with those who are willing to listen. The collection premieres today and if you are in the Helsinki area you are more than welcome to join the event as this is free and for a great cause… oh and Happy Pride.

Kuosit-1 Kuosit-2 Kuosit-3 Kuosit-4 Kuosit-5

Photos by Anastasia Cooper

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