Friday Fever | Sekuoia

23- year old Danish producer Sekouia is known for his relaxed and organic approach to producing and electronica. He will release his debut LP “flac” in September and will be touring around Europe throughout the year. One of his shows was even sold out in London! He will be preforming at festivals like Roskilde, Eurosonic, and Sonar Copenhagen.

One of the tracks off his new album “Lamp in the Dark” features the vocals of Danish singer Kill J. The collaboration track is more upbeat and melodic than some of Sekuoia’s other tracks from “flac”.

“I think the process was on of the most collaborative things I’ve done, which was really exciting. Julia (Kill J.) has some really good input regarding the production, and I had a bit of input towards some vocals aspects. So to me, it was an ideal way to collab.”    – Sekuoia

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