Friday Fever: Artymove

With a unique sound of electronic pop mixed with ‘trip-hop from the mid 90’s and alternative R&B of today’, Artymove has been shaking up the town of Stockholm since they formed the band back in 2007.

The three-man band is comprised of singer Mathilda Lindgren, guitarist Mathias Näslund, and keyboardist Peter Sydén. It’s been eight years since they released their last full-length album! All Time Winners is the name of their first full-length album since 2008 and was released just a few weeks ago.

In the past, some of Artymove’s creative music videos have received appraise and attention for their messages. In 2012, the video for One of These Days covered and promoted equal marriage rights. In 2014, Back and Forth Redux got people talking for being recorded entirely with an iPhone.

Now, it’s two new music video releases from Artymove that has people talking:

#NoBetterMoment captures the lives of Palestinians and Israelis by using work from the photo journalist, Linda Forsell.

Fuck That raises the middle finger to body shaming, beauty conformity, and over-sexualization. The video is also a “homage” to a bathtub scene of the Swedish cult movie from the 70s “Bögjävlar”/”Damned Queers.”

Here’s a little anecdote from the band about filming this video: “We accidentally set off the fire alarm so that the hotel staff had to come by and stop us from using the smoke machine, and then in turn created a lovely little misunderstanding where some of the staff thought we were recording a porn film on their premises. This hotel was also supposed to host our release party for “All Time Winners.” However, after the video shoot they were no longer interested in helping out. We still don’t know if this has anything to do with the misunderstanding.”