Dj Rony Rex talks This is Finland

The ministry of foreign affairs in Finland just did something very bold, they handed over the control of their Youtube channel “This is Finland” to an exciting group of young vloggers which includes our article headliner DJ Rony Rex .

Petra Theman, Director for Public Diplomacy at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs pointed out that this was the first time a government has given control of their Youtube channel to ordinary citizens and that it was a move to present the country from a different perspective and without any restrictions.

The move is a welcome gamble that will for sure help the country refresh its image abroad and show that there is an edge. The group is made out of 11 people hailing from different areas, from BMX to cooking to fashion and even DJs.rony-rex1

I met up with DJ Rony Rex and this is what he had to say about the collaboration:

Tell me a little bit about how you started as a Dj.
First started playing in 2008. Mostly house parties & private events. This evolved to throwing my own parties, first private ones, then clubs.

The alias Rony Rex came up in 2013 as a result of a brainstorming session with my friend Nicolas Dolenc (things started to get more serious around this time), who used to manage me in the beginning of my career and actually also is part Brazilian and has family there.

How did you get involved in the This is Finland project?
A friend of my brother’s who studies in Laurea recommended me, ended up on their short list and finally got selected to be a part of the 11 content makers for the project.

How long is the deal and what does it include?
Will be releasing 10 videos, contract is for one year now for starters so till April, might continue after that even though my tenth (last) video will be released on week 1 2017 so we’ll see what happens after that.

What is the most important thing for you to show about Finland?
For me it’s all about showing how people of my generation experience music and parties around the country.

What is Finland’s best kept secret?
The unique nature, personally I most love the archipelago. Forest raves.

So whats next for Rony? Well besides the videos on the This is Finland channel he is going to headline in several music festivals this summer including the Weekend Festival on June 10 and Summerburst in Helsinki on the 11th, then a tour around Finland and some concert dates in Germany and Croatia.

I leave you with some images from a Fashion Editorial I shot with Rony with the brand Ukkeli from Teemu Keisteri this past weekend and which will be featured in a North American based Magazine later this summer.

Ukkeli-Teemu-Keisteri Ukkeli-Teemu-Keisteri-2

Pictures by Beto Guzmán Abundes, clothes courtesy of FRENN and Ukkeli 
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