Teemu Keisteri’s Art World

Helsinki is slowly becoming the Brooklyn of Scandinavia, it is hip, a little bit eccentric and fun… just like one of its leading artists, Teemu Keisteri.

It is no surprise its Art scene is flourishing outside the museum circuit when we see a brand new group of locals creating and dipping themselves into a more urban and artsy lifestyle which echoes that of Brooklyn or Berlin.

About Teemu Keisteri and Ukkeli

Most might say that Finns are shy and favor black but the moment you meet the DJ/Designer/Artist Teemu Keisteri you realize the mold has been broken. His projects are as varied as painting, designing, DJ’ing and you can even find his art adorning everything from food trucks, bars and t-shirts in the trendy Kallio district.

Teemu has been a designer for almost a decade and from his humble beginnings in Espoo he has now become an Art powerhouse in his own right. His colorful and outrageous designs follow the adventures of Ukkeli the bright yellow dude in his t-shirts, Ukkeli brings a much needed levity to fashion in Finland.

His designs and his art are a little bit out there, but the eccentricity and color is not the only thing that makes them special,  they are all hand painted which make them all one of a kind.



Teemu’s Art has taken him to random and familiar places in Helsinki, he recently painted a trendy new bar in downtown Helsinki and released a book in a grand party (where he also spun as DJ) in the trendy Kallio bar Kaiku.

DJ Windows 95 Man

His DJ name, Windows 95 man, tells so much about his style, he pretty much exploded last summer when he was in charge of the music in the Champagne Bar at Flow Festival in Helsinki, there he dropped retro beats that seriously echoed with millennial Helsinki right now. He has regular gigs all over Finland and has a sizable following that has taken him to Japan a couple times already.


The Book

His new book is a collection of ALL his drawings from 2008-2015, which is a lot if you consider that every t-shirt is unique, all the paintings he did and all those different projects in Finland and Japan.

It is a very interesting coffee table book and it does give you a good idea of his artistic process, in addition each book has an exclusive drawing, yes – all books have a different drawing in it, cool right?

ukkeli-book_03 ukkeli-book_10-(1) ukkeli-book_11


Teemu KeisteriTeemu Keisteri Teemu-Keisteri

It is interesting to see how the capital is now opening itself to alternative scenes, Teemu’s Art is a great example on how Helsinki is becoming a creative capital with its own urban voice which is more eager to be showcased to the world and embraced by the regular residents of the boroughs of Helsinki.

If you want to discover more about his art you can get his book here, but if your want to check out his clothes, be in one of his gigs or have a beer at Eerikinkatu 11 where his paintings fill the walls… you will have to head over to Brooklyn Helsinki this summer.

Pictures courtesy of Teemu Keisteri and Khaos Publishing.