Nordic Model Spotlight: Helene Hammer

At the young age of 19, Norwegian Helene Hammer has already graced the covers of various magazines around the world and modeled for some renowned photographers. She even won a model of the year award from a Norwegian fashion magazine!


Inger Helene Hammarstrøm (Helene Hammer)

Hometown: Fredrikstad, Norway

What She Is Famous For: She has been on the covers of L’Officiel, Elle, Madame Figaro, and Mirror. She has been in campaigns for brands like Femina, H&M, Net-a-Porter, and the Italian fashion house Moschino. Helene also won Model of the Year at the Norwegian Costume Awards.

Style Summarized: It seems that Helene loves the color green. Possibly because it matches her red hair so well! She wears black but it doesn’t look boring because there is a variation in textures (fur, leather, and wool.) She is known for her French-inspired style and for always mixing and matching feminine pieces.

Beauty Advice: In an interview with the Norwegian magazine Costume Helene revealed how she keeps her complexion perfect. Her number one tip was drinking lots of water and eating healthy. She also mixes her own face oils, but her favorite brand is Organic Pharmacy. Another thing that keeps her skin looking fresh is trying to stress as little as possible.

Other Info: She has declined working for designers like Victoria Beckham, Burberry, and Vivienne Westwood because she wanted to be healthy instead of fitting into a “size zero.” Helene sold a bunch of her used clothes online before the fall season last year.




Street Style: