My Trailer

Hey y’all!

I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately, but I had a final course essay to hand in last week and then I took a train back to my home town, Uppsala. Why on earth would I leave Stockholm you might ask yourself. Well, because this weekend was the Walpurgis (Valborg) celebration which is completely insane in my hometown. We (as in young people) take this opportunity to party for four days straight. And by party I mean, P-A-R-T-Y. Like wildlings. So as you may understand I’m really tired today, but I’m excited for a new week and the awesome weather forecast.

Anywhozi, by now I think you know what Mondays are equal to? A new video on Youtube! Yey! This weeks video is rather short, just because I felt like my channel needed a trailer and I read somewhere that it shouldn’t be longer than one minute. Plus, I’m not quite ready with the video I planned on posting, so you’ll get that one next week instead.

I filmed this by myself more than a month ago, so sorry for that delay. I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable with posting something with me speaking quite yet, but then I realised that there is no point in waiting.

For many of you it’s the first time hearing my voice. I normally don’t speak so slow but it suits the feel of the video. It’s also a really important topic, even if I don’t elaborate on it in this particular moment, but I think I should do that later on. It’s something I feel very strongly for, you know, norms and how they limit many of us.

Here you go, my very own Youtube trailer!

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