Monki Makeup: Top 5 Favourites

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Stylish Swedish clothing brand Monki released their brand new makeup line this past March. From sophisticated neutrals, to fun experimental colours and products, Monki Makeup is a must try!

Here are a couple of our favourite products: 

Monki product display

1. Monki creme face shimmer
A shiny yet creamy face shimmer, perfect for that spring glow (especially if you’re like me and a little tan-less)
Dab it on to highlight those loveable cheeks and more for a star-dusted wonder-look.
Available in: 4 colours

2. Monki lip pen
Lustrous, light and the pen shaped aspect doubles as a sheer liner for the perfect pout.
Available in: 6 colours

3. Monki eye marker
Thick, bold cat-eyes never go out of style and this marker is here to make all of your liner dreams come true.

4. Monki loose glitter
Glitter is back, from bold red to subtle rose gold there is something for anyone to make a night (or morning) statement
Available in: 6 colours

5 .Beauty Accessories: Monki press on nails + Monki eyelashes
Our childhood obsession is making a new appearance, and these quirky beauty accessories will sure make a statement going into the warmer months.
Available in: 2 designs (both products)

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For the full collection, check out Monki’s official website.

Photography courtesy of Monki and MakeupByLina

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