H&M x KENZO Collaboration

It’s official! Swedish H&M has finally announced that its next designer collaboration will be with the French brand Kenzo.

The collaboration will be released on November 3rd, this year. Kenzo was founded back in 1970 and is famous for its creative patterns, motifs and fun colors.

In an H&M press release it says that the brand “is proud to announce that its next designer collaboration will be with KENZO, the vibrant and playful Parisian house that captures the energy of global culture to create its unique, youthful spirit.”


Kenzo’s two artistic directors since 2011, Carol Lim (left) and Humberto Leon (right) together with H&M’s creative advisor Ann-Sofie Johansson.

Last year was the smash hit collaboration with Balmain, which caused a frenzy without comparison. People camped outside stores worldwide for days and once released, everything was sold out within minutes. The campaign featured some of the most famous models right now, such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Jourdan Dunn. We are yet to see if this collaboration will reach the Balmain hype, but we are already confident that the collection will feature dazzling patterns and fun motifs. Kenzo x H&M logo_low Photos: H&M