Hlín Reykdal | The Colors of the Imagination

The Icelandic fashion designer Hlín Reykdal makes jewellery made of beads of wood that are hand painted. Each piece is unique. It’s like she makes a world of colors where everything is possible.

Hlín Reykdal’s studio and newly opened boutique are situated in the super trendy “fish packing area” at the Reykjavík Harbour. It’s where you can hear the seagulls sing their special song and you’ll probably feel the fresh wind. In fact her design is also sold in various shops in Iceland.

The boutique is unique like the jewelleries themselves – fresh like the wind. Modern. Minimalistic.








“Design and art have always been a big part of me. My parents are both artists and so is my sister. Art and design was emphasised to me during my upbringing.”

Hlín graduated from the Iceland Academy of Arts majoring in fashion design in 2009. “I chose fashion design because it is very diverse and exciting.”

But why begin to design jewellery? “I love jewellery and the possibilities are endless.”

Her jewelleries: Beads made of wood. “We have bought wooden beads from all over the world. Pine, spruce and fir are the most common types of wood used for the beads. The quality of the wood is most important no matter the kind. A tree that grows fast is too soft and coarse in between year rings and if the wood is too hard, paint will not attach as well.”

Hlín Reykdal Andlitsmynd_PRINT

Hlín mostly designs necklaces, bracelets and keyrings. She says the unique thing about her design are the colors and color combinations.

“A customer can purchase a necklace or a bracelet that is absolutely unique in its color and color combination. Only one of its kind is ever made. Our accessories are designed, hand painted and manufactured in our studio in Iceland.
Colors and color combinations are such a large part of me. No matter what I’m doing I’m always thinking in colors. Whether I’m designing accessories or preparing food I can’t help but do it by colors. This is just a part of me and has been since I watched my father use beautiful colors in his paintings.
I begin each day by deciding on a color theme. Each day in unique and so are the colors. Many things can influence what colors I imagine. The weather, music, the season or even my mood, I often challenge myself. To me no color is ugly, it’s just the way you combine it with others. Some days I work with color spectrums, I can decide to work with a white spectrum for instance or a blue spectrum. The possibilities are endless.”

Yes, the possibilites are endless indeed. The weather: Sunny days, cloudy days or red and yellow sky at sunset. Music: Mozart’s light melodies or Björk’s adventurous sounds. The season: White snow, green grass, red leaves or purble spring flowers. Then it’s the mood: It can be sunny as the sun or cloudy as the sky.


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Photos courtesy of Hlín Reykdal

For more information about Hlín Reykdal visit www.hlinreykdal.com