Friday Fever | Nordic Playlist

Launched in January 2014, Nordic Playlist, has made it easier than ever to discover and explore the best Nordic music has to offer.

Nordic Playlist is a website made to help people discover Nordic music and to explore the most recent trends through playlists, chart music, and remixes. Their website branches out into two parts: TRENDA and MAGMA. Artists and bands are represented from all of the Nordic countries; Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Åland Islands, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands.


Miriam Bryant: a former playlist curator.


Is a playlist filled with hits. The playlist is created by combining all of the top 10 Nordic songs from each Nordic country. It’s easy to find the latest songs because the playlist is updated every week with the most recent hits and releases.


Is a part of the website that offers a different way to experience Nordic music; a more personal way. Every other week a different artist is featured on MAGMA to show the readers a glimpse into their life and a look at the artistic process. This is communicated through a variety of ways like interviews, sharing inspiration, and introduction of new music.

Curated Playlists

Perhaps the main focus of Nordic Playlist is the curated playlists where Nordic artists curate their own playlists by choosing two of their favorite songs from each Nordic country. There have been over 90 artists featured as curators including MØ, Aurora, Of Monsters & Men, First Aid Kit, and Nive Nielsen.

Check out the latest Nordic Playlist interview with the Swedish band Niki & The Dove!

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