FINDERSKEEPERS ⎮ Design Market Denmark

This weekend was special in two ways. First, the sun came up here in cold, cold Denmark and it made us all incredibly psyched and happy! Second, while wandering around the city, we had a chance to find some inspiration and do some sustainable shopping. The Finderskeepers Design Market came to the lovely Danish city – Odense!


Finderskeepers is a great concept of an indoor market, where design, fashion and art all blend together. It is a place where innovative Danish design meets locally made clothing, luxurious jewellery and unique art works. Artists and designers come to the three cities where the market is held – Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense – every year to showcase their work. Visitors can enjoy the variety of products and find everything from clothing, accessories, ceramics, plants while enjoying the chilled & friendly atmosphere and delicious food.



The idea behind creating Finderskeepers was that there was no actual place in Denmark where the designers could physically show their work and where visitors could wander around and try them. This market is here for anyone who enjoys original creations, seeks unique pieces and likes to engage with their creators.



The concept of such a successful project, which is getting bigger every year, was born in 2011 thanks to a Danish design student, Herle Jarlgaard Hansen, who’s “fun idea” turned out to be a successful business. To Herle and her team, Finderskeepers is “a playground where ideas and dreams are turned into reality in a strong, supportive and innovative community”. It is a project so special to them, that they handpick every artist or designer who wants to present his work during the market. This way, they not only ensure the high standard of the products and the event itself, but also find entrepreneurs who are innovative, unique, a bit quirky and who bring something new to the scene.




Walking around the stands packed with all the beautiful products, I wished I could experience more of such great projects. There were so many standout pieces I literally cannot get of my mind! We ended up wandering among the stands, admiring all the stylish products, minimalistic jewellery and abstract artwork and wanting to pack all of it and bring it home!





It was not only designers and their products that were stylish, the visitors themselves were an inspiration:


Check out FindersKeepers on facebook to be always updated on all their upcoming events – So you don’t miss out on such an inspiring opportunity!

Photography by Jana Nguyenova