Backstage Series 1° ⎮ Makeup Trends of 2016

We at NordicStyleMag are excited to introduce the new & glorious segment called “Backstage Series”. Featuring a 5 photography & trend-picking series, as an ode to the ever so gifted photographer, Jesper Bang-p Thortzen, and his stunning shots captured backstage at this years CPHFW 2016. We take a look at the many noticeable trends & ‘worth to mention’ details, which each designer meticulously chose to complete the runway look of Autumn / Winther. In other words, we give you the Cherry on Top of 2016.

In the first series, we share the main makeup secrets of CPHFW and the effortless beauty of Scandinavia.

“Makeup Trends of 2016”

Birger Christensen

The English Rose / classic cat eyes / the nude lip

birger birger1 birger2

Federico D´Angelo

The Nordic Woman / strong eyebrow / natural tones

frederico frederico1 frederico7

Jesper Hovering & Great Greenland

Masculine Chic / warm eye-shadow / statement eyebrows

hörving5 hörving1

Lala Berlin

Electric Rebel / bold lip / silky eye-gloss

lala3lala1 lala2

Maikel Tawadros

IMG_0119 IMG_0129


IMG_6641 IMG_6714

Lovechild 1979

Fierce Confidence / warm red lip / earthy eye-shadow

love2 love3

Photography by JJPhotography