The magic world of Søstrene Grene

Creative, fun but still simple. These are the characteristics of the Danish design retail chain Søstrene Grene. Read through to see why you should go explore the world of the Grene sisters.


Before we take a closer look into the style and products of this brand, let’s go back in time. This success story began in a Danish city called Aarhus in 1973. There, the two sisters Anna and Clara Grene started turning their visions into reality. They wanted to create a world where little things and joys of every day life would be reflected, in its simplest but still unique way. The core idea were creations that would give good vibes and let one’s imagination run free. This reflects well their motto, saying that “With a curious and creative mind, even the smallest things can become something wonderful”.


While building the concept of the stores, the Grene sisters found their inspiration in Mediterranean market squares where goods are sold in an open-air area, filled with mixture of colours, scents and noises, as this creates special atmosphere.


Nowadays, this popular retail chain has over 100 stores in Scandinavia and other parts of the world, packed with a variety of products. The stores offer high quality products of  the sisters’ iconic designs at affordable prices. If you are a fan of Scandinavian minimalism, spiced up with something extra, you’re at the right place. In Søstrene Grenes stores one can not only find a good minimalistic basis for any kind of interior decoration but also pieces so unique and creative that they will easily become the favourite ones you will have at home. To make sure every piece keeps its originality, they receive new products every day and many of them are being sold only for a limited time.


The products are categorised into interior design, stationery and wall art, party goods and gift wrapping, kitchen goods and food, and even toys for children. However, my favourite category is DIY. Whether you want to get a perfect gift for a creative soul or just dive into some craft work, you will definitely not be disappointed. Whether you want to create your own dream catcher, a bracelet, start painting or create a jewellery box – you will find most of the components here.

rsz_collage_room3As they say themselves, the Grene sister’s mission is to “make every day a bit more wonderful” and by focusing on the little things which bright up our every day world, I believe, they are succeeding.


Images in courtesy of Søstrene Grene.