Suunto Essential Ceramic Watches

Suunto is a Finnish watch company established in 1936 by Finnish orienteer and engineer Tuomas Vohlonen, who actually invented the mass production method for the liquid-filled compass. The brand has since been a specialist in sports watches, dive computers and sports instruments. 

This year Suunto continues its history of innovation and has now integrated 5 new models to its Essential Collection, the innovation being Ceramic as a core material in the wrist watch.

The new models in the Suunto Essential Ceramic collection are crafted with ceramics, sapphire crystal glass and stainless steel. Just like all Suunto watches these are equipped with an altimeter, barometer and a compass.

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Award-winning Suunto designer Timo Yliluoma better explained the choice of material with the following quote:

“Ceramics is a timeless material with a great history spanning thousands of years. Extremely hard yet lightweight, ceramics today can be found in the most modern applications from space exploration to biomedical implants. The natural properties of ceramics make it a logical choice for Suunto. The ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal glass of Suunto Essential Ceramic watches create a striking presentation that it is not only attractive but also nearly impossible to scratch and fully corrosion resistant.”

The watches have a sophisticated look and an amazing track record which makes these watches our Nordic equivalent to Swiss Made luxury watches. We often focus on design but we do have a long history of craftsmanship to be proud of in the Nordics.

Check out the new models, if you like the outdoors and adventure, these might take it to the next level without losing a touch of class.

Suunto-Ceramic Suunto-Essentials


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