Liima Takes ‘ii’ On The Road

Over the last few weeks, Danish band Liima have been touring their debut album ‘ii’ across Europe and the UK, with great success. Having been born from Efterklang’s love for polyrhythms, sound manipulation and Tatu Rönkkö’s amazing talent as a percussionist, ‘ii’ really shows off the true spirit of the band and their love for sound making in its’ most primitive form.




‘ii’ was recorded in just three days in Berlin, after the band has spent their time writing during monthly residencies in Helsinki, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Berlin and Madeira. Using their locations to pick up field recordings and absorb the idea of working in a temporary and different location, the final album is a mixture of roaring vocals, fizzing synths and echoing percussion’ and let’s not forget the infectious bass hooks. This idea continues throughout the 10 tracks, with the synths, drums, bass, samples and vocals, being layered so compactly, that your mind would swear that there was twice the amount of instruments actually being played.

‘513’ in my opinion is the lead track on the album, and one that sums up exactly what Liima have set out to do – bring Efterklang’s emotion and huge sound to different wavelengths, literally. The album unveils itself more and more as it goes on, blending experimental instruments and recordings with each members talent. Liima know how to play to their strengths, and bring their audience deeper and deeper into the industrial story. ‘Roger Waters’ cascades into the middle section of the album with all the dance beats and bass notes you could ever want, setting the pace for tracks like ‘Trains in the Dark’ and the previously mentioned ‘513’. The last section of the album slows down a notch, and lets you listen closer to the techniques and sounds the band are utilising, showing off Casper’s vocals and Tatu’s very fast fingers, and letting your really appreciate the glue the band have formed with each other.




For the last show of their UK tour, they headlined Brighton’s Patterns (formerly Audio) and I headed to finally hear the album in the flesh. Having been listening to ‘ii’ since its’ release in mid-March, I have been captivated by the transitions, sounds and tightness of the band, and was excited to see them such a great array of tracks together.

After I had seen them perform and write during their residency at London’s Edition hotel, I knew they were never going to disappoint when it came to their debut, and I was also excited to see how their writing had developed. During the show, they played some new songs that they had written while being on tour, which further cemented their talent for beautifully complex and conflicting melodies, and I look forward to seeing how these songs remerge down the line. Everyone in the room was hooked on the melodies and band’s charisma from the get go. Liima’s simple set up and enthusiasm for their music, really shone through on stage, and it was so nice to see the band enjoying their time, and showing off their strengths individually and together as a four-piece.



You can buy ‘ii’ in Digital, CD and vinyl format HERE (did I mention the vinyl is beautiful and neon green!?), and if you’d like to catch them live (which I hugely advise you do), they will be playing more headline shows and festivals across Europe this summer! (Dates and tickets HERE)


Photography by Sophia Groves