Friday Fever: Farewell April

With the last few days of April flying by and a new month just around the corner there is no better time to brush up on some new Nordic music releases!

Niki & The Dove

We wrote about this Gothenburg-based electric duo back in February after they released “So Much It Hurts“. The duo, consisting of Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf, is known for their dance floor anthems. The new album “Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now,” does not disappoint. For their second album, Niki & The Dove collaborated with French producer Alan Braxe (from Stardust) and Chrisopher Berg.

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An indietroncia band based in Helsinki formed by singer/songwriter Sofi Meronen, keyboardist Mikael Myrskog, and producer Jooel Jons. FEELS released their debut EP “Butterflies” in March which grabbed the attention of the well-known Finnish producer Jori Hulkkonen during a concert in Turku.

Jori Hulkkonen has now put his own touch “If You’d Meet Me Tonight” by creating his own unique remix:

Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children

The Swedish rockstar, Ebbot Lundberg has, after much anticipation, released his long-awaited solo debut album: “For the Ages”. He celebrated the album release by visiting the Skavlan talkshow (one of Scandinavia’s most popular talk shows,) and performed with his band, the Indigo Children. Ebbot Lundberg has formerly been a member in both Union Carbide Productions and The Soundtrack of Our Lives which are two of Sweden’s most influential rock bands.  He has also worked as a producer for artists like The Oholics, Jane Birkin, and The Cardigans.

Here is the brand new music video for their song “To Be Continued”.


Photo: Niki & The Dove