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Hey guys!

So I got my hands on this beauty a while back and I have slowly become obsessed with it. At first I wasn’t sure if it would suit my style, I was thinking a simple leather band would be more “me”, you know? But boy am I happy I chose this one. It gives any outfit that extra touch, a mix between luxury and retro.

I first came across Nick Cabana on Instagram and after realising that it is a Swedish brand I couldn’t help myself from getting one. Not only because I’m Swedish too but since I was in desperate need of a new watch. I went online and found their website and read that they are inspired by the Swedish archipelago. Let’s just stop there. All I could think was “YAAS! Archipelago born and raised over here!” *frantically waving my hands in the air*

One thing that is really important to me when “looking” for brands to get fond of  (as one casually does) is the overall aesthetics, not just products but website, Instagram, the way they describe themselves, their values and their photos. Plus – packaging. I have never in my entire life received something I ordered in such a creative little box. I won’t show you guys a picture, cuz I have none. But buy a watch and see for yourself, hint: it’s made of wood.

Here are some detail pictures from previous outfits matched with the Gold Mesh 40 watch from Nick Cabana.


nick C


nick cabana


nick cabana 1

These are three other favourites, not sure which one to get next. What do you think? From the left: Talisman Voyage, Blanc Buffalo 40 and Gold Fox 40. I really like the strap on Talisman Voyage.

To get your hands on one of their beauties, go to Nick Cabana!

Vivez et profitez, live and enjoy!

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