Mini-Editorial: #mikaelahöök

You didn’t think I forgot, right? I would never!

Here they are, some more pictures from my shoot with the amazing Mikaela Höök.

I strongly encourage you guys to head over to her website, she has some amazing pieces with cool (!!!) prints and modern fabrics. I mean, how awesome isn’t this fluffy sweater? I want to wear it everyday. No wait, I want all my friends to wear it every single day. Because all you really want is to hug the person in it, my gosh, it’s so cuddle-friendly.

mikaela hook mikaela höök mikaelahook

If you get anything from her webshop let me know by using the hashtag #mikaelahöök on Instagram. I really wanna see you rock her designs!

Photos are taken by Julia Viklund.