LCMDF: Music, Fashion and Girl Power

LCMDF (a.k.a. Le Corps Mince De Françoise) is an Electro-Pop Punk Duo from Finland consisting of sisters Mia and Emma Kemppainen who also moonlight as DJ’s and Radio Hosts. They not only create awesome music but have a fresh take on Girl Power and a message of empowerment for girls, underdogs and those who are looked down on by the establishment.

The band has a big music catalogue and dozens of tours under their belt since the band first started in 2007. Their music is vibrant and full of danceable beats. The band has played all over the world, from Europe to the USA to Asia as well as at events like Paris- and Milan Fashion Week, Rock En Seine, Melt and SXSW. Their amazing beats have taken over the world and they were the first Finnish Band to play live on BBC 1 Radio in a Live session with Huw Stephens.

Girl Power is Still Relevant

Their latest video/song “Rookie”  was so well-received that it gained them praise from Nylon Magazine and Fader. This due to its strong empowering message to girls, a message that rings a bell today as women still struggle to have equal opportunities and rights, not only in the Music Industry but in all walks of life.

Their message doesn’t stop in their music, their fashion style is also a great example of how fashion should work for you and not the other way around. Fashion and style are important mirrors – let’s say a photograph of culture at a certain point in history. For example the 1920’s when women finally started ridding themselves from the corset and dared to start wearing more comfortable clothes. Today we take too many things for granted but the truth is that women are still being objectified and often expected to wear certain things and look in certain ways.

In the Nordics we are blessed with amazing female role-models and we are closing in on total equality between men and women, however, work can still be done and there are industries where there is a lot left to be done. LCMDF reminds us that the struggle is still real in the Music Industry and they are up to the challenge.

Their Fashion

The connection between LCMDF and Fashion is one that is difficult to ignore, they have been playing at Paris- and Milan Fashion Weeks and they feature well-known designer outfits in their music videos as well as being spokewomen for Monki.

Last week I had the chance of shooting an amazing editorial with LCMDF in which we would go back through time in Fashion and give it a modern twist.

Here you have some of the best looks from the Editorial which features LCMDF in amazing clothes by Ivana Helsinki, Monki and accessories from Gtie – shot at the luxurious Hotel Kämp in Helsinki.


LCMDF Ivana Helsinki LCMDF Ivana Helsinki LCMDF Ivana Helsinki LCMDF LCMDF Ivana Helsinki

Hair and Makeup by Mira Luhtala and Pictures and Styling by Beto Guzmán Abundes