Friday Fever – Iceland’s Newcomer Karó

Born in Reykjavik and raised in Dundee, Scotland – Karó has just released her new track “Wolfbaby.” So far, she has seen support from The Line of Best Fit, Notion, and BBC Radio 1. 

“Wolfbaby” was an anticipated sophomore single after her debut single “Silhouette” got attention on Spotify and Soundcloud. Her new single features more mature vocals and opens with incredible synths. Logi Pedro and Unnsteinn Manuel, both members of Iceland’s Retro Stefson, have contributed to the song.

Karó gets inspiration from the Italian pop artist Mina Mazzini who she “thought of a lot in the process of making this song.

In an interview with Right Chord Music Karó explained that she “wrote this song in a bit of a spiteful mindset. It’s about being over someone and releasing this person’s grip on me. The song’s message is in many ways stronger and more direct than in my last track… it’s more difficult for me. I think I needed to do a song like that.

Karó received a good response from festival goers after playing her new single at Sonar Reykjavik a few weeks ago.

Check out her music on Spotify and tell us what you think in the comments below! 

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As always – have a great weekend!